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Title: Hawk Watching
Author: Chimera Dragon
Warnings: Minor AU, post Avengers(2012)
Paring: Hawki(FrostHawk)
Notes: Since a few people requested it and fed the bunnies I've written more! Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 2:

Clint turned towards the open window. The familiar feeling of eyes on him had niggled at the back of his mind. He stood and walked towards it, looking outside. Certain it was just Tony toying with him. His eyes scanned the skyline and saw nothing. 

"Tony?" he called out the open window, thinking the billionaire might have landed just below the window. It wouldn't have been the first time he'd done it. He looked down and still saw nothing but empty air. 

With a mental shake the turned back towards his worktable, intent on finishing the quiver of arrows he'd been working on. He knew he could ask for them to made for him but they never felt quite right when he ordered the custom arrow heads. Standard ones were fine but the explosive tips and grappling hooks need a more personal touch. 

"Clinton..." a voice ghosted from the direction of his balcony. His head snapped up and he set his tools back down, walking for the door. 

"Loki?" he called softly, tone curious. It had been more than a month since the god had last shown up on his balcony to help him fall back asleep. 

More than a month of wondering if he'd lost his mind.

"Clinton..." Loki's voice filtered through the closed door as he moved to open it and walk out. 

There was no sign of the dark haired god but that didn't stop the archer from opening the doors and stepping outside again. He sighed as the cool air hit his face. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feel of the wind.

"Clint... Hawkeye..." Loki's voice sounded stronger this time. 

Grey-blue eyes snapped open to come face to face with bright green. "Loki!" Clint started as he took a half-step back. The demigod seemed solid as ever where he was perched on the railing much as he had been the last time the archer had seen him.

"That would be my name," Loki replied with a grin.

"I thought you wouldn't be visiting Earth anytime soon?" Clint asked, as he examined the green clad man before him. He didn't see anything odd showing through as the stars had the last time. 

"I'm still not here," Loki laughed, his face lit up with the genuine joy. He hopped down off the railing to stand next to Barton. "But I felt you again. Your mind calls to me."

"How is that even possible?" Clint asked as he noted the shimmer in the projection before him as he landed. 

"When I was affected by the staff and the Tesseract, it did more than give me control over your loyalty. It doesn't truly work that way. The reason you were as loyal to me as you were is because it is Fate. We were meant to meet. And more than that. But things were ... changed by the interference of that power source," Loki replied. 


"Truly. I do not wish deceive you. Hence, I am here. And enjoying your company once more."

"You are weird," Clint sighed as he sat on his lounger. 

"I believe you have said so before, yet you still crave my company. Enjoy it even."

"Crazy people are more fun. Look at the people I save the world with!" 

Loki's head tipped back as he laughed, his eyes sparkled a little. 

"You look good when you laugh," Clint observed as he watched the other. 

"Thank you."

"I'm not trying to flatter you. I'm stating the truth."

"As you know how to do little else in the company of those you like. I did take the time to poke around while I was in your head, remember?" Loki replied. 

Clint frowned. "I remember. But I want to know why. All you had to do was ask. At that point I would have done anything you asked of me."

"I know. But I wanted to know if it was possible for your friends and allies to defeat me without too much of our help. It had to look genuine. I needed to truly escape the Chitarui. They ... they made what I did under their influence look like a walk in the park. And it was far from that. I still feel badly about my behavior. You will send my regards to Miss Romanov?"

"Tasha? She'd think I was losing my mind. Best if you do that in person. And will chocolate as a shield. And maybe hide behind your brother..." Clint looked thoughtful for a moment. "And Cap. Then she might take the candy and listen to you before she kicks your ass."

"Even if I explained the situation."

"Dude, you called her a whining cunt."

"Creatively," Loki pouted. 

"And she'll give you points for that. Maybe not beat you quite a badly."

"I am still a god!"

"And that just means you'll survive the punishment and be able to take it all in one go. But if you start with 'I'm really sorry and had been brainwashed' she'll probably listen. She ... has experience with those kinds of things."

"I remember you saying as much. That's why I never tried to recruit her to my side. It would have ended unfavorably."

"You could say that again."

"But why would I want to if you heard what I said the first time?" Loki asked, confusion clear on his face. He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Ah, Earth slang. I am still getting used to it."

"And doing a good job. Do you watch me often? Or just when I can see you?"

"This projection takes effort. Listening to your absent thoughts, and those you express towards or to others I can hear. But I don't do that often either. It would be too much of an invasion of your privacy. And I do believe I've done enough of that to last you two lifetimes."

"That's true. But it worked out in the end. You got stopped the Chitauri didn't get the cube, and you're getting back to your old self. Despite the lives that were lost."

"I do feel terribly about that."

"As Tasha told me. Don't let it get to you. You weren't in control so you're not completely accountable for what you did. Just... try to keep living and helping for those that aren't around anymore," Clint replied. He started to reach out and put a hand on Loki's shoulder only to remember at the last moment he couldn't actually touch he raven haired demigod. "Just ... try. That's all you can do. One day at a time."

"Isn't that the motto for a support group for drinkers?" Loki asked even the ghost of a smile started to break out on his face again. 

"It works doesn't it?" Clint asked. 
"It does. Thank you. I shall be watching. Take care, my Hawk."

And with those parting words Loki's image faded away with a swirl of green sparks.

The End?
The next chapter in the Hawk Watching series
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clintbarton234 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
is there a third please tell me theres a tird section

Kazulallan Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
That better not be the end, I'll die of feels!
Chimeradragon Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
Not the end! More to come! I swear. Just working on it as much as I can.
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Loving the series, can't wait for more
Chimeradragon Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Thank you! I'm glad you're liking it. I'm typing it up as fast as I can. But you know how plot bunnies can be.

Thanks again!
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Awe, don't let it be the end please :3 I'm developing a soft spot for Hawkeye :P
Chimeradragon Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
It's not the end! I'm working on Chapter 3 now. Hopefully I'll be able to get it up soon...ish.

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you're starting to like Hawkeye.
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